What is On Page SEO and How to Do It

Friends, today in this blog post we will discuss what is On Page SEO in Hindi? And how to do it? We will know about it in detail, this is an important part of Digital Marketing. Friends, in today’s time, to get traffic from search engines on any website, it is necessary to do On Page SEO of your website or blog post.

Therefore, it is very important for you to know SEO closely. So today in this blog post we are going to give important information related to On Page SEO in Hindi, so this On Page SEO in Hindi post must be read last.

What is On Page SEO
What is On Page SEO

What is On Page SEO

On Page SEO is a technique by which blog posts are optimized for search engines to rank them in Google. With this we can bring our website up in Google. This technique helps to present the post correctly to Google which can improve the ranking.

This is a good way to reach website posts to a larger audience. Through on-page SEO, we can choose the right keywords and target them so that people can easily find our website.

It helps in improving the traffic and user experience of the website thereby attracting people. This increases the quality of the blog and provides meaningful and useful content to the users.

Why is it Important to do On Page SEO?

If you want traffic from search engines on your blog post or website, then you will have to do on-page SEO of your website because in today’s date most of the people are connected to the internet and search their things on Google search engine.

Therefore, if you want to rank your blog post on Google, you will have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but the best thing about On Page SEO is that the more you optimize the content of your website or blog post, the better. You will get to see the result.

  • We are not able to rank our blog directly, we get ranking only by publishing posts.
  • The entire blog benefits from being ranked on the first page of search engines.
  • As traffic increases, domain and page authority also increases. This improves our blog authority.
  • Optimization benefits the entire blog, not just increased traffic. Rather, the authority of the site also increases.
  • Page level optimization makes the site stronger, which improves the search engine ranking of the blog.
  • As the authority of the site increases, the blog will also start appearing on the first page of search engines.
  • Page level optimized posts inspire readers to spend more time.
  • This gives a good reading experience every time and increases the authority of the blog.
  • When we get success in ranking a post on the first page, other posts can also get traffic.
  • As a result, it helps in reducing the bounce rate and helps in promoting the content of your blog.

How to do On Page SEO

On Page SEO includes all those factors in which we should implement those factors while writing our website or blog post, so that our website can rank on the first search result page of Google. Now the question comes that how to do On Page SEO. While doing on page SEO, keep these factors in mind which are as follows

  • Meta description
  • URL structure
  • ALT Text for Images
  • Website Speed
  • Keyword density
  • Images
  • Keywords research
  • Title tags
  • quality content
  • Internal Linking and External Linking
  • Headings (Header Tags Optimization)
  • Mobile friendly site

What is the difference between On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

On Page SEO We optimize (improve) individual or rather different pages of our website and keeping in mind many On Page SEO factors, we fix the pages of our website and create SEO friendly pages.

Through Off Page SEO, we get backlink from other websites, which increases the authority of our website and in Off Page SEO, we do not have to work on our own website, but in this technique, ranking search engine of our web pages through some other website. The result page increases and at the same time the authority of our website increases due to the backlink received from other websites.

In simple language, in On Page we have to work on the pages of our website and optimize them, whereas in Off Page SEO, we do not have to work on our website, in this we get backlink to our website through other websites. We have to work hard and by getting quality backlink, the search result page of our web pages increases.

FAQ: What is On Page SEO

Q. How much time does it take to learn On Page SEO?

If you want to teach On Page SEO properly then you can learn it in a period of 2 to 3 months. In this you will have to learn about optimization for your site’s title tag, meta description, heading tag, content and images.

Q. Can I do SEO by myself?

Yes, of course you can learn SEO by yourself, you just need to know all the factors and activities of SEO.

Q. Can I learn SEO in a month?

No, you cannot learn SEO in a month. But you can definitely learn basic SEO techniques by working hard.

Q. What are the qualifications required to learn SEO?

No special qualification or any degree is required to learn SEO. But if you have basic computer and internet knowledge then it can help you a lot.


Without good optimization it is difficult to rank the post and our post cannot appear on the first page. Read today’s post carefully, follow it, increase your knowledge and gain experience. To become a blogger, it is necessary to become an expert. Here you have understood how to do On-page SEO, its definition and problems. In this way you can bring the post to a good rank. The higher the post rank, the more traffic it will get.

The success of a blog depends on traffic. Friends, please tell us by commenting how you liked the post. Know the difference between on-page and off-page SEO, and this is important for blogging. Share the post and tell your friends.

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