What is Off Page SEO and How to Do It

Hello friends, if you still know what is Off Page SEO and How to Do It correctly or what is its method, what activities need to be done in it so that the ranking and traffic of the blog or website increases, then you You have come to the right blog post.

Here you are going to get information about all the tips and tricks related to off page SEO which a beginners blogger needs to rank his blog in Google.

If you are a beginner blogger and want to rank your blog at a good rank in Google by doing off-page SEO in the right way, then you must read this post completely and if you feel that you should tell more about it, then share it with all your social groups. Please share it there.

What is Off Page SEO
What is Off Page SEO

What is Off Page SEO

We do Off-Page SEO because it increases the ranking of our website in Google Search Engine Result Page.

In this SEO we do not work on our website. Rather, you link your website on different platforms. So that if anyone clicks on that link, he will come directly to your website. Off-Page SEO means doing SEO by going off the web page.

So in this we have to do only that which is a big website i.e. which has more authority. From there we have to bring users through backlinks. This will increase the authority and ranking of our website. The result will be that more people will visit our website.

If the link of your website is not available on a website with high authority, then you can go to any other website or platform which does not have much authority and place the link there also. This will also be good. But the more links you have on high authority websites, the better it will be for you.

Benefits of doing off-page SEO

The benefits of doing Off Page SEO to a site are explained below.

  • Increases the domain authority of the website.
  • It helps the website to get better rank in SERP.
  • This increases the traffic coming to the site.
  • Off Page SEO also increases the brand value of your page.

Why is it important to do Off Page SEO?

Suppose you have an office. Now people from big companies and their CEOs are coming to your office. So this will increase the value of your office all around.

Similarly, when links are coming to your website from websites with big authority. So this will increase the value of your website in the eyes of Google and the ranking of your website on Google will increase.

Things to keep in mind while doing OFF Page SEO

If some things are kept in mind while doing Off Page SEO, then it makes your Off Page SEO even better. Let us know about some such things.

  • While doing link building, keep in mind that the site on which you are creating the link should be a high ranking site.
  • If you are creating backlinks by commenting, then do it in such a way that the search engine does not consider it as spam because if this happens, the ranking of your site can be adversely affected.
  • Keep in mind that the site or webpage on which you are creating backlinks should be similar to your topic.
  • Use white hate seo techniques while doing off page seo.
  • Always use main keywords while creating backlinks.
  • For any type of submission, choose only sites with high DA and PA.

How does Off Page SEO work?

How Off-Page SEO works is also simple. Now suppose that the link of your website is on my website and I have followed this LINK.

What happens in Do Follow is that when you do follow a link, Google’s bots come to your website from that link. And look at your website. This makes Search Engines think that my website is recommending your website. Due to which link juice passes from my website to your website. The only benefit of this will be that your site will become an authority.


I hope that I have given you complete information about what is Off Page SEO (What is Off Page SEO in Hindi) and I hope that you have understood about off page SEO tips in Hindi.

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