What is SSL – Its types and where to buy SSL Certificate?

What is SSL: If you are an Internet user, then you must be visiting many websites every day. To visit many websites, you also give your name, mobile number, email ID etc. Apart from this, when you make online purchases from any website, you also give all your bank details there, but do you know that the website to which you are giving all this information is correct and your data is not misused. Will do.

Because in today’s time, if your bank information reaches a wrong person, then he can rob you of your entire life from your bank account in a few seconds. Now the question comes that how do we find out which website we are giving information to? Is it right or wrong? To know the answer to this question, keep reading this article till the end. Here we will know What is SSL, How does SSL work, Types of SSL, Benefits of SSL Certificate, Where to buy SSL Certificate so let’s start.

What is SSL
What is SSL

What is SSL

SSL is an encryption protocol used in the Internet. This protocol provides a secure connection between Internet browsers and websites, allowing Internet users to securely exchange their private data with other websites. The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer.

SSL certificate is a digital certificate, whose full name is Secure Socket Layer. You can buy it for any website or any business. This creates a secure connection between your web browser and your web server. In this, the details of your business are enclosed in a cryptographic key.

This certificate contains your name, serial number, expiration date, your public key, and a digital signature provided by the authority that issued the certificate. Having an SSL certificate on a website means that you can trust this site, no hacker can see its information. This encryption technology was created by Netscape in 1990.

How does SSL work?

The SSL certificate encrypts all your information and sends it to the web server, and the web server does the same.

An SSL certificate consists of two combinations, a public key and a private key. The public key is used to encrypt the data being sent, while the private key is used to decrypt the data into a format that can be reused by the recipient of the data.

Suppose, you want to send money to a friend in a remote village, there is no mobile banking facility or internet. If you want to send money there, then for this you will have to hand over the money to someone. Now if you ask someone to reach his friend’s address with the money, he goes some distance and similarly transfers the money to someone else.

Here you can imagine how much your money is at risk. But if you lock the money in a box and send it, no matter who hands it over, there will be no fear of it being stolen – because the lock will open only with your friend’s key.

So this is what SSL certificate does. It securely transmits all the information you enter to the server. HTTPS is placed at the beginning of the URL of all websites using SSL. HTTPS is a hybrid version of SSL and HTTP. An HTTPS website means that the website has an SSL Certificate and is secure.

Types of SSL Certificate

There are many types of SSL Certificates, but in this article we will tell you about the 6 most important SSL Certificates, so let us know about the types of SSL Certificates.

1 – Single Domain SSL Certificate

This type of SSL certificate is installed on only one domain name, if you create any subdomain in future, then SSL is not installed on them.

2 – Multi Domain SSL Certificate

As you might be aware from the name, this type of SSL Certificate is installed on many unrelated domain names. Be it a subdomain or the second, third or any other domain purchased by you, this type of domain name gets installed on everyone and provides them security.

3 – Wildcard SSL Certificate

Like Single Domain SSL Certificate, Wildcard SSL Certificate is installed on only one domain name. However, this type of SSL certificate is also installed on subdomains of that domain name. For example, a Wildcard SSL Certificate can cover www.a2zhindime.com, story.a2zhindime.com, and technology.a2zhindime.com, while a Single Domain SSL Certificate can only cover the domain name.

SSL Certificates also come with different Validation Levels. Validation level is similar to a background check, and the level changes depending on the thoroughness of the investigation.

4 – Domain Validation

This type of SSL certificate is the least stringent level of verification and the cheapest. All a business has to do is prove that they control the domain name.

5 – Organization Validation

This type of SSL certificate is used by most business websites. These certificates are more trustworthy for users, keeping their website secure. So that they can share all their information with you without any worry.

6 – Extended Validation

It requires a complete background check of an organization before issuing an SSL Certificate. With the use of this type of SSL Certificate, the search bar in which the URL of the website opens is green in color and the name of the business is also shown. This is a high security SSL certificate.

Why does a website need an SSL Certificate?

Websites need an SSL Certificate to keep the data of visitors to the website safe, to verify the ownership of the website, to prevent hackers from creating fake websites and to show trust to the users.

When a website takes personal information from users to sign in, credit card number to make payment after online shopping, bank account information or health benefits, financial information, etc., then the data given by the users is It is very important to keep safe.

This is where SSL Certificate helps the website owner in keeping this data safe and assures the users that this website is authentic and safe to share their personal and banking information.

Benefits of SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate has many benefits. We have told you about some benefits below.

  • Using SSL Certificate keeps your website secure.
  • SSL Certificate encrypts your users’ data. Which no one can read.
  • Use of SSL Certificate increases the respect of your website in the eyes of users.
  • Use of SSL Certificate improves the ranking of the website in search engines.

Where to buy SSL Certificate?

Currently, there are many companies in the market like GoDaddy, BigRock, Namecheap, etc., which provide SSL Certificates. If you are a blogger and have created your blog on Blogger.com, then you do not need to buy an SSL Certificate because you get free SSL on Blogger.com. Which is already installed on the blog.

Apart from this, if you have created your blog on WordPress, then you must have got a free SSL Certificate from any company from which you have purchased hosting because today most of the hosting provider companies provide free SSL along with the hosting.

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