8+ Best Battery Status | बैटरी स्टेटस शायरी, कोट्स

Best Battery Status: Hello friends, in today’s time, battery is the power source for any electronics gadget, be it mobile, laptop, watch or any remote. Can you imagine the situation of these gadgets without these energy sources, we would not be able to use any wireless electronic devices and would have to depend only on wired power source, even electric cars and space missions would be based on batteries. are not possible without.

Let’s look at the basic differences between batteries and cells. Also find out why we actually need batteries and why we can’t use alternating power instead of DC power.

Cell: It is a cell is an energy source which can provide only DC voltages which are in very small amounts. For example, if we take the cells that we use in watches or remote controls, they can only deliver a maximum of 1.5 to 3V.

Battery: A battery has the same functional capacity as a single cell, but a battery is a collection of cells arranged in series so that the voltage can be raised to specified levels. The best example for a battery is a power bank which we use to charge a mobile phone. If we ever look inside a power bank we can find set of batteries arranged serially/parallel depending on the requirement. Batteries are used in series only to increase the voltage and increase the current.

In today’s post we have shared Battery Status, बैटरी स्टेटस शायरी, कोट्स which you will definitely like.

Best Battery Status

Battery Status
Battery Status

Aaj mujhe dijital saja mili hai,
meri maa ne mera chaarjar chhupa diya hai.

jab insaan ki baitari
daun hoti hai,
to ek achchhi neend hi
use chaarj kar paati hai

tum ek chaarjar ki tarah ho
jab tumako dekhata hoon to
mera dil khushiyon se
poori tarah chaarj ho jaata hai

Aadamee kitana bhee ameer ho,
baitari daun hone par chaarjar
maangane mein sharm nahin karata hai.

Battery Status | बैटरी स्टेटस

बैटरी स्टेटस
बैटरी स्टेटस

Na jaane kaise log bhaagakar shaadi kar lete hai,
yahaan bed se uthakar chaarjar
lagaane mein bhi aalasy aa raha hai.

Jindagi mein dosti ek aisa chaarjar hai,
jo khushiyon ki baitari daun nahin hone deti hai.

Ham tumhaara saath kuchh is tarah se nibhaenge,
tum agar fon bano to ham chaarjar ban jaenge

Aajakal to chaarjar bhi nahin
itani jaldi kharaab hota hai,
jitani jaldi rishto mein
shak aur savaal-javaab hota hai.

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