How to Buy Domain From Bigrock

How to Buy Domain From Bigrock: In today’s digital era, earning money online has become very easy. Now you can create a blog from your home and earn money from it. If you have knowledge in any field, you can share it with people through a blog. And you can earn money from that blog.

And you don’t know how to create a blog? And how to earn money from it. So you read it by clicking on the link given earlier. And you know and now you want to start your blog on WordPress. So for that you will need a domain name and web hosting.

Now the question in your mind will be that how to buy domain? So friends, in this post I will tell you about two famous websites from which you can buy domain. Now in this post you will know How to Buy Domain From Bigrock? Its complete information is about to be available. Therefore, read this post carefully till the end.

How to Buy Domain From Bigrock
How to Buy Domain From Bigrock

What is Domain

Friends, before knowing the process of buying a domain from BigRock, let us talk a little about the domain. Just like the address of our house in a city or village is the same, the domain is also the address of a blog or website on the Internet. People can access your blog website from this domain.

To enable people to recognize and access your blog or website, the domain is connected to the blog or website. Which is the identity of a blog or website.

Now you must have understood what is gay domain? And why is this important for a blog or website?
The blog or website gets identity only through the domain.

How to Buy Domain Name?

Friends, if you are creating your blog or website then you need a good domain name. And for that, one does not have to spend much money to buy a domain in India. You can get domains up to Rs 200, 500, 800.

You can buy it by paying through your Credit Card / Debit Card and Net Banking. There are many companies selling domains. But I will tell you about a company which is a very old company and also trustworthy.

What to keep in mind before buying a domain name.

Now that you have made up your mind that you are going to buy a domain. through which you can online your
To connect with readers and people. A domain is the identity of any blog or website. That is why you should always choose a good domain for your blog or website.

So you must keep some things in mind before buying a domain. Here we have our blog website
Keep the following things in mind before purchasing a domain from BigRock.

  • Domain name should be related to the category of your blog
  • Always choose top level domain.
  • Domain name should not be too long, short and memorable domains are better.
  • The domain name should be easy to read, write and pronounce.
  • Domains with 1 to 3 words are considered better.
  • Whenever you buy a domain, keep the above points in mind.

How to Buy Domain From Bigrock

BigRock is an Indian domain registration company. Like GoDaddy, you can easily buy a domain from here. Let us know how to buy domain from Bigrock

1 – First of all go to the official website of BigRock (

2 – Here you will see a search box like before; Where you can search your domain name.

3 – Enter the name with which you want to buy the domain and click on the “Go” button.

4 – It will show you whether all the domain extensions of the same name are available or not.

5 – Click on the “Add” button of the extension domain you want to buy and click on the “Checkout” button again.

6 – In the next page, BigRock adds some extra addons, like privacy protection, email address etc. Remove these and click on “Proceed to Payment” button.

7 – You have to login or register here. Then you can make payment. The registration and payment procedure of BigRock is similar to that of GoDaddy.

Once you have purchased the domain, you can see it by logging into your account. So today we taught you how to buy a domain. You can use any website to buy domain, but I mostly buy domain from GoDaddy. Till now I have registered more than 8 domains on Godaddy.


We hope that in today’s article “How to Buy Domain From Bigrock”, you would have got complete information about it. It is always our endeavor that whenever someone reads an article, he does not need to read any other article. Read it to get complete information.

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